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4 June 2020

Aktar; “We Could Not Be Indifferent To The Tourism Industry”

The newest hotel of Hampton by Hilton, Hilton Worldwide’s global brand of more than 1900 hotels in the mid-price segment, opens its doors to the 117-room […]
4 June 2020

MB Holding Does Not Pause its Investments

MB Holding, which is one of the leading companies in the construction, energy, medical textile, greenhouse and perlite sectors, has been continuing its investments for 45 […]
4 June 2020

“Hilton Hampton Will Make Both Gaziantep and Gaziantep People Smile”

Speaking about the Hilton Hampton Hotel, which was built on the basis of building safety and human health and will open with an investment of 20 […]
4 June 2020

Hampton by Hilton Gaziantep opens its doors

A growing number in Turkey is one of Hilton Worldwide opened more hotels in Gaziantep. The 117-room Hampton by Hilton Gaziantep will serve customers who stay […]
4 June 2020

Protocol Signed for Hilton Gaziantep Hotel

A cooperation agreement was signed between MB Holding, which operates in the construction, energy and agriculture sectors, and Hilton, the world-famous hotel chain. According to the […]
4 June 2020

Will Contribute to Gaziantep Tourism

MB Holding Chairman Muharrem Balat, in his speech here, stated that the hotel will be put into service at the end of 2012 and said, “I […]
4 June 2020

We are happy to be in Gaziantep

Hilton Hotels is Business Development Director at Pog Demircan in his speech, “Gaziantep, one of Turkey’s most important industrial cities. “We are very pleased to realize […]
4 June 2020

An Important Day for Us…

MB Holding CEO Çetin Atmaca said, “Today is a very meaningful day for us. Because in terms of investments in Turkey at the moment is really […]
4 June 2020

Reward from Hilton Worldwide to Gaziantep

Önder Kolay, General Manager of Hampton by Hilton Gaziantep, was chosen as the Best General Manager of 2015 in Europe, Middle East and Africa Region by […]
4 June 2020

Gaziantep’s New Favorite Blt Salon

BLT Tourism, affiliated with MB Holding; He made the opening of the hall that will host many events in Gaziantep. Opening next to HamptonBy Hilton Gaziantep; […]

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