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MB Holding, which has ambitious projects in the growing tourism sector, established the BLT Tourism company in 2013 by making a good start to the tourism sector with the Hilton Group, which is synonymous with the word hotel thanks to its innovative approach in the sector.

BLT Tourism, which started to serve the people of Gaziantep as Hampton By Hilton Hotel in 2013; added BLT Salon to its structure. The hall, located in a central point of Gaziantep, was built on an area of ​​650 square meters. In the hall, which has a capacity of 400 guests with a dinner in the seating arrangement, there are space and technological equipment for reception invitations, launches, conferences and all other media events as well as dining and invitation organizations. We aim to serve tourism for many years.

As MB Holding, we will show the quality of the service we offer in different sectors in BLT Tourism and we will meet your needs and expectations more than ever. We aim to ensure absolute customer satisfaction by not leaving the principle of quality and honest service while making us feel our awareness in the sector. Expert in their fields; All of our trained and experienced personnel strives to provide the best service in their work. It is among our priorities to meet the expectations of the society in the best way in our half-century of global and innovative working life, which we believe is the basic element of success.

With this awareness, we are taking firm steps to prove our difference in the sector in order to improve the services and processes by supporting the training of the employees under the roof of BLT Turizm.


MB Holding by investing in the tourism sector has a mission to support the promotion of Turkey.


It is to share the historical and cultural heritage of our country, the yeast in our land, the natural resources and beauties we have. Creating value in the sector and providing service without compromising our quality and stability.

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