BLT Tourism, affiliated with MB Holding; He made the opening of the hall that will host many events in Gaziantep. Opening next to HamptonBy Hilton Gaziantep; will host weddings, engagements, henna, special days and events.

BLT Turizm, which started to serve the people of Gaziantep as HamptonBy Hilton Hotel in 2013; By adding the BLT Salon to its structure, it brought a new dimension to the understanding of quality service. This hall, designed in accordance with corporate identity, hosts organizations that everyone needs. Henna performs weddings, engagements, conferences, invitations and all special days with an understanding of superior service. It aims to serve in the sector for many years with its expert team and experienced staff.

It prioritizes the comfort of the guests as it is located in a central point of Gaziantep. BLT Hall, built on an area of ​​650 square meters; It provides an ideal environment with a seating arrangement with a capacity of 420 people for dinner. This hall, which has space and technological equipment for dinner and invitation organizations as well as reception invitations, launches, conferences and all other media events, has already become a favorite of the public.