“Hilton Hampton Will Make Both Gaziantep and Gaziantep People Smile”

Speaking about the Hilton Hampton Hotel, which was built on the basis of building safety and human health and will open with an investment of 20 million dollars, MB Holding Chairman Muharrem Balat; “Gaziantep is a very large industrial city with its export and production.

Besides being an industrial city, it is also a tourism city. While there was only cultural tourism in this city before, now we have diversified as tourism. This diversification increases the number of local and foreign tourists visiting our city every day.

Business tourism in a city with such a big industry is at the highest level. Hilton Worldwide Portfolio of Brands in Gaziantep, Turkey, I support wholeheartedly the hotel can to be the best in the industry for this reason. Because the arrival of the Hilton Group, where the best service can be obtained all over the world, to Gaziantep will come with experience and quality. Hilton Hotel, which will also stimulate employment, will make both Gaziantep and Gaziantep people smile ”.