MB Holding, which is one of the leading companies in the construction, energy, medical textile, greenhouse and perlite sectors, has been continuing its investments for 45 years.

The foundations of MB Holding, which has become different with its breakthroughs, were laid in Gaziantep in 1963 when its founder Muharrem Balat graduated from Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Civil Engineering. Baltaş and Balpa Construction, which are affiliated with MB Holding, which completed many Universities, Hospitals, Industrial Sites, Mass Housing, Organized Industrial Site, Free Zone, Hydroelectric Power Plant, Indoor Sports Hall, Stadium and Factory in Turkey and abroad, mainly serve in the field of public housing today. Since 2002, it has made approximately 100.000 people homeowners with 15 thousand houses.

That technology step by step follow and respect for nature, high-quality, skilled construction and Chairman of the Board said that they care to do Muharrem Balat also modern construction techniques, quality workforce, the earthquake to provide durable housing and this understanding was noted that important for them to move Turkey’s four corners .