BLT Tourism Targets

With our increasing investments every year, more respect for the people, nature and tourism lovers…

  • BLT Tourism aims to provide services in MB Holding quality and standards in the tourism sector,
  • To be a company that respects nature and people, is result oriented, honest and adds value,
  • As with all other companies, to act with the awareness of environmental protection and to instill this awareness to the society,
  • It is a company that always acts in accordance with the laws and moral rules, always walking in this line,
  • Leaving a strong future for the next generations,
  • Providing opportunities to improve the staff in our institution, discovering their talents and increasing productivity,
  • Basing our relationships on trust and transparency,
  • Signing important projects at home and abroad,
  • Providing products and services that will set a new standard in the industry.

MB Group Companies


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